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Army Youth Programs - AYPYN

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Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood (AYPYN) is a program for Military families living or attending secondary schools off Fort Riley. AYPYN is an after-school program in USD 475 that assists military students with academic performance, college readiness, and social-emotional learning. It also offers the following below. 

Focus Areas

• Supports the academic success of students and their college/career readiness through extended learning opportunities
• Enrich schools' academic curriculum, with an emphasis on STEM initiatives
• Provide an environment that builds protective factors and promotes resilience
• Foster social-emotional competency/health and other skills for success
• Offer students the opportunity to participate in wellness/fitness activities

Contact Information

For more information about AYPYN, please contact Kate Stewart, Director of Secondary Education.

Contact Information
Kate Stewart, Director of Secondary Education
Phone: 785-717-4028

Participating Schools

• Junction City High School, Junction City Middle School and the H.D. Karns Innovations Academy
• Dates and times will be announced during the 2024-25 school year

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