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The Teaching and Learning Department is committed to develop, lead, and support all staff so that our students have the best possible learning experiences.  The T & L Team is responsible for the overall planning, implementation, and evaluation of the district’s instructional programs.   In support of those instructional programs, a priority is to provide high-quality professional learning so that staff is well-equipped to meet student needs.  Inherent in the planning and delivery of instruction is the belief that ALL students can learn and should be offered every opportunity to take their learning to the highest levels.

Debra Gustafson

Debra Gustafson

Associate Superintendent

The Associate Superintendent is responsible for providing leadership and expertise in developing, achieving, and maintaining the district’s educational programs and related services to increase student achievement through effective leadership, supervision, collaboration, and coordination and to assist the Superintendent in the accomplishment of the goals of the District Strategic Plan.

Jennifer Black

Director of Elementary Education and Title

The Director of Elementary Education is responsible for kindergarten through fifth-grade instructional programs working collaboratively with curriculum specialists to pursue innovative, equitable, and researched-based programs for students to attain grade-level standards. The director collaborates directly with the Associate Superintendent providing strategic direction and improvement for school initiatives and professional development for district leaders and educators. The director is responsible for Title 1 schools and supports while meeting state and federal requirements.

Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart

Director of Secondary Education, Director of Library Media Services

The Director of Secondary Education evaluates and provides leadership for the overall instructional program (6-12 grades) of the district; responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the Secondary Teaching and Learning Department to plan, implement, and evaluate instructional programs with secondary teachers, principals, and district level instructional staff.  They work in conjunction with the district directors to participate in the district-level decision making process to establish and review the district’s goals and objectives and actively support the efforts to achieve district strategic goals. The Director of Library Media manages the Instructional Resource Center (iRC) as well as directs all Library Media Specialists. She also manages Destiny, all textbook orders and KITE.

Courtney Eichhorn

Courtney Eichhorn

Director of School Improvement

The Director of Student Improvement, Intervention and Assessment supports curriculum and instruction by establishing and coordinating all district assessments and intervention processes from Early Childhood through high school. In addition to supporting such items as ACT, Driver’s Education, and district student improvement processes. The director collaborates with the other curriculum director’s and specialists to ensure alignment within the district as well as carrying out evidence-based practices. As a team, Teaching and Learning supports building leadership, teachers, and support staff to improve student test scores. Lastly, the director works with all members of the Teaching and Learning team to plan and implement relevant and intentional professional development.

Jennifer Bockman

Program Manager, Title I Clerk

The Program Manager/Title I Clerk assists the Executive Director of Student Support Services with the day to day operations of programs such as Title I, 504’s, At-Risk, and MTSS. She also helps the Teaching and Learning department as the Program Manager, assisting with the operations of various computer-based learning resources.

Linda Roberts

Executive Assistant to the Associate Superintendent

The Executive Assistant works each day to support the Associate Superintendent and the Teaching & Learning department including such things as setting up and recording minutes at administrator meetings, ordering supplies, making travel arrangements, support of district professional learning activities, and overseeing the work within the T & L department.