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Emergency Management

Our motto at Geary County Schools, “Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World”, encompasses more than academics and social-emotional skills of our students and staff. The safety of our schools and in our schools remains a top priority of the district throughout the school year and summer months.

Our Safety and Security Department, led by our Director of Emergency Management, Scott Clark, works to ensure the safety of our buildings by performing a series of drills including ALICE, Severe Weather, and Fire. Practicing these drills becomes essential in the unfortunate event that one of our schools is subject to an emergency.


In 2016 USD 475 enhanced its emergency response tactics by implementing the ALICE Training Institute Program into its Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP). ALICE stands for:

  • Alert, notify authorities and those in harm’s way of the danger at hand.
  • Lockdown, or shelter in place.
  • Inform, give real-time updates.
  • Counter, the attacker as a last resort.
  • Evacuate, or get out!

The program is designed to give a person, or a group of people, who may find themselves in a violent, life threatening situation, some mental and physical tools that could play a vital role in their survival. The program is designed so that anybody can employ the strategies. Young, old, male, female, it does not matter. One does not have to be a police, or military trained in order to survive a violent encounter. He or she does not need to have a frame of reference from which to draw, when making life saving decisions under extreme pressure, much like preparing for a fire, tornado or earthquake.

Each school year a school will take one month to perform a series of drills. Those drills will include:

  • Severe weather
  • Fire

You have probably heard of the first two drills, but when you hear your child say they performed an ALICE drill that means that performed a drill where a decision was made based on the information received, on how to react based on they have been trained on through the ALICE program.

USD 475 will partner with Geary County and Fort Riley first responders during all ALICE Drills.

The safety and security of all students and staff is our main priority and it is our hope that students and staff members become better decisions makers during a crisis to put themselves in the best position possible if there were an unfortunate situation were to occur within USD 475.

Scott Clark

Scott Clark

Titles: Director of Emergency Management