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Teaching can be a very rewarding career and USD 475 is always looking for highly qualified teachers to join our team. Geary County USD 475 offers competitive pay, as well as a comprehensive benefits package, ample professional development opportunities, and annual paid leave time for its teachers.

Acquiring a Teaching License

All teaching positions within USD 475 require a teaching license issued by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE). Whether you are a first-time teacher or a seasoned professional moving into the area, applying for a teaching license from the KSDE is the first step towards your career within our district.

Applicants that wish to be considered for teaching positions within USD 475 must begin the process of acquiring a teaching license with KSDE prior to applying for open positions within the district. For more information on the application process, visit the KSDE website.

How to Apply for Teaching Positions

Once you have begun the process of acquiring a teaching license, you may browse and apply for any vacancies listed on our Applitrack webpage.

Our hiring staff will be happy to help answer any questions you may have and are also able to assist with the fingerprinting process at no charge to you. For any questions on the licensing process, application process, or fingerprinting, please call the USD 475 Personnel Services department at 785-717-4000.

Click to review the Negotiated Agreement.

Out-of-State Licensees

Kansas offers the ability for out-of-state teachers to earn a Kansas teaching certification without much difficulty. You will need to be able to provide proof (transcripts) of the completion of an approved teacher preparation program, a current state-issued teaching certification, a bachelor’s degree, successful completion of competency examinations, fingerprint background check, and satisfy “recency” stipulations. For more information about the process and what exactly is required to earn a Kansas teaching certification through reciprocity, explore the Kansas Department of Education website at or call 785-291-3678.

The following states have license reciprocity agreements with Kansas, providing the applicant can provide the appropriate documentation required and possesses a current teaching license within one of these states:

Alabama New Hampshire
Arizona New Jersey
Arkansas New Mexico
California New York
Colorado North Carolina
Delaware North Dakota
Florida Ohio
Georgia Oklahoma
Hawaii Oregon
Idaho Pennsylvania
Illinois South Carolina
Louisiana Tennessee
Maine Texas
Maryland Utah
Massachusetts Vermont
Michigan Virginia
Mississippi Washington
Missouri West Virginia
Montana Wisconsin
Nebraska Wyoming