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Substitute Teachers provide a valuable service to Geary County USD 475. They help educated our students when teachers can’t be in the classroom. Substitute teaching can also be fun and rewarding. Substitute teachers often work with a wide range of students throughout the district, teach a wide variety of subjects, and work in different buildings within the district.

Substitute teachers in Geary County have the freedom to choose which hours they work, which schools to work in, and what age groups of children they prefer. They also have the freedom to choose what days to work, and whether to work full-time or part-time.

Substitute teachers are licensed through the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE), just like full-time teachers, but often obtain their licenses with fewer educational requirements. Substitute teachers do require some college experience, but it is not required for the coursework to be in education. The amount of college required varies based on the type of substitute licenses issued by KSDE.

There are two types of Substitute Teaching Licenses in Kansas: Emergency Substitute License and Standard Substitute License. The requirements for each type of license are different, but the process for applying to be a substitute teacher is similar for both. All teaching licenses must be acquired from the KSDE.

Emergency Substitute License

Emergency substitutes are used to fill in for regular classroom teachers for short periods of time. Emergency substitutes may fill in for a teacher for a few hours, a single day, or even a week. They often step in when a teacher is out of the classroom due to a short-term illness, professional development, or a meeting.

Candidates that have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours from an accredited university may apply for an Emergency Substitute License through the KSDE website.

Candidates that wish to apply with Geary County USD 475 as an Emergency Substitute must begin the process of obtaining an Emergency Substitute License through KSDE prior to applying for open positions within the district. Once you have begun the process of obtaining your license, you can apply on the Applitrack webpage.

Standard Substitute License

Candidates that would like to act as both a short-term and long-term substitute will need a Standard Substitute License from the KSDE. A Standard Substitute License requires a degree from an accredited college. Also, the candidate must have completed a Teacher Preparation program.

Applicants are required to begin the process of obtaining a Standard Substitute License prior to applying with Geary County USD 475. You can find the information about applying for a Standard Substitute License through the KSDE website.

Once you have begun the process of obtaining a license through KSDE, you can apply for substitute teaching positions within the district on the Applitrack webpage.

Our hiring staff will be happy to help answer any questions you may have and are also able to assist with the fingerprinting process at no charge to you. For any questions on the license process, application process, or fingerprinting, please call the USD 475 Personnel Services department at 785-717-4000.

Substitute Teacher Wages

The following compensation rates are for day-to-day substitute positions. An example of this would be subbing each day in different vacancies or assignments, not in a long-term assignment. Please note that any time worked four hours or more is considered a full day assignment and will be paid at the full day compensation rate. Any assignments under four hours will be paid at the half day rate. Multiple assignments in the same day will continue to follow the over or under four-hour compensation rate.


Full Day Pay Rate Half Day Pay Rate 

Standard or Emergency Substitute License

$115 $57.50
Kansas Initial/Professional Teaching License $125 $62.50

Licensed USD 475 Retired Teacher/Nurse

$130 $65

Long-Term Substitute Teacher Incentive Pay

Long-term substitute assignments are assignments that provide coverage for an extended staff member absence. Examples of these absences would be maternity, medical or military leave for a period of weeks or months.

Substitute teachers must have a current license that allows coverage for the duration of the absence period. The following chart illustrates rate increases for longevity in long term substitute positions. The pay increases listed below do not apply to day-to-day substitute assignments in different assignments or buildings.


Day 1-15 Day 16-40  Day 41+

Standard/Emergency Substitute License

$115 per day $130 per day $155 per day
Kansas Initial/Professional Teaching License $125 per day $170 per day $215 per day

USD 475 Retired Teacher/Nurse

$130 per day $175 per day $225 per day
Nurse LPN $120 per day $165 per day $210 per day
Nurse RN $125 per day $170 per day $215 per day