USD 475 News

Summary of May 12 USD 475 and Junction City Education Association Negotiations

The team met this evening and discussed a number of different topics. We began with additional work within the duty day in the form of substituting. We then discussed language in the contract for short notice change of assignment for teachers. We then moved on to discuss meetings outside of the duty day. The Pandemic clause was the next item discussed by the team. We finished the evening discussing the supplemental salary changes.

Summary of May 5 USD 475 and Junction City Education Association Negotiations

The team discussed the high school teaching load for next year. Then, the group went on to discuss the importance of parent-teacher conferences. The group then went into a discussion on the short-change of assignment language in the contract. The group then spent time discussing the current funding issues and how they affect the compensation piece of our negotiation. The team ended the night by discussing additional work within the duty day.

Summary of April 29 USD 475 and JCEA Negotiations

The Master Schedule for the high school was introduced and presented to the team. The team met to go over Parent Teacher Conference schedules for the district and pilot calendar. The team then moved on to speak about the Inclement Weather Procedures for the district. The alternate days for the pilot and district calendars was discussed. Finally, the team went over the times for the incentive for early resignations.

Geary County Schools USD 475 to offer summer educational opportunities for students

Geary County Schools USD 475 will offer educational opportunities for their students this summer. The Early Childhood Center, Eisenhower Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, Seitz Elementary School, Grandview Elementary School, Westwood Elementary School, Junction City Middle School, H.D. Karns Innovations Academy, Fort Riley Middle School, and Junction City High School will all offer these opportunities.