Transfer Request


USD 475 wants to provide the best education for all students. Our faculty/staff have a commitment to children within our attendance area first. The District will review all transfer requests for current USD 475 students and approve or deny them prior to the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year. Transfer requests from students NEW to the district will not receive a notice of approval or denial until after August enrollment has been completed.

Our primary preference is that students attend their boundary assigned school. This helps keep class size manageable so adequate teacher staffing can be assigned. To determine what your boundary assigned school is, please view the district zoning map below.

We do understand that various circumstances may result in a request for a transfer to another school within the District, or a student may be transferring into USD 475 from another school district.

The criteria used to determine if a request may be granted is based on:

  • Neighborhood school assignment
  • Class Size (space is available in the desired school)
  • Safety/Special needs
  • Whether a student has attended the school in previous years
  • Sibling attends same school
  • Student attendance and behavior are in good standing at currently enrolled school
  • Logistic issues exist for the family (i.e., child care, transportation)
  • Family is on housing list for Fort Riley

(Note: Parents/Guardians that transfer to a school outside of their boundary assigned school are responsible for transportation to and from school.)

If you want to transfer your student from your assigned school to another school in the district, please contact the school to request a transfer form.