Threat Assessment Program

Geary County Schools USD 475 is currently in the process of expanding a Threat Assessment Program. Currently, all potential threats of harm or violence are investigated at the building level for credibility and are then referred to the Junction City Police Department, or local law enforcement, if appropriate. USD 475 will continue to strengthen the partnership with local law enforcement and create a more in-depth assessment program in order to maintain the safety and security of schools. Part of this expansion includes this section of as a way to help keep families better informed about the process and the results of threat assessments. This section will soon contain more information on the steps taken throughout the expanded threat assessment process.


During the assessment of potential threats in our schools, many pieces of information are considered. Here are some of the considerations made during the assessment.

  1. Is the threat or aggression specific to an identified target with motive and plan?
  2. Is there a weapon at school or attempt to bring a weapon to school?
  3. Does the threat, aggression, or violence cause considerable fear or disruption to activity?
  4. Is there continued intent to carry out a threat?
  5. Is there a history of threats, aggression, or violence?
  6. Do staff, parents, or students perceive threatening circumstances?
  7. Are administrators unable to determine if a situation poses risks to school personnel or the community?

The assessment process can include building level staff, district level officials, community partners, and local law enforcement. There could be situations when a student threat is not deemed credible or imminent by the school, however, disciplinary or law enforcement action may still be appropriate.


The results of threat assessments will be published to this page beginning February 27, 2018, in lieu of an email notification to parents, staff, and community. This form of notification will ensure that the information can be easily accessed in a timely manner by all who seek it. RSS feed notifications can be obtained to these results by following the process below. This will allow parents, staff, and the community who opt into the notification through an RSS Feed Reader to receive updates on all results.

If an assessment reveals that the potential threat is credible, USD 475 will notify parents and staff in a timely manner through the use of email, mobile app notification, or text message. These notifications will be made as soon as USD 475 has verified the information. Law enforcement may choose to issue press releases based on their investigations according to normal department procedure. The most recent assessment results will be published below.

Recent results of threat assessments in USD 475 will be included directly below:


Notifications of new threat assessment results can be obtained by opting into an RSS feed notification. These notifications can come directly to an email, desktop, or mobile device by using an RSS Feed Reader.

To sign up for an RSS feed, copy and then paste “” into the RSS feed reader. This will give up-to-date notifications of every assessment result published to

There are many options for feed readers, some are even integrated into web browsers (look for the RSS feed logo). Feed readers are also often found as mobile apps on popular mobile devices. These apps can be found in the respective mobile app store. A free and simple feed reader is “Feedreader” or “Microsoft Outlook.”