Superintendent’s Entry Plan

Dr. Eggleston

The entry plan for the USD 475 Superintendent of Schools, offers a framework to facilitate Dr. Reginald T. Eggleston’s efforts to initiate honest and productive discussions with all levels of Geary County Schools and the surrounding communities. It is designed to pull together both new and existing activities to better ensure future success. This entry plan isn’t a checklist, but instead, a framework used to collect data, encourage the use of multiple sources of information, and ensure purposeful actions take place.

The plan provides a method to facilitate and articulate a comprehensive and transparent plan-of-action for Dr. Eggleston from May to August 2019 and beyond. Many, if not most, of the items included in this entry plan, will require ongoing monitoring to ensure progress. Additionally, this entry plan introduces the Continuous Improvement Mindset (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

The foundation that guides the activities of this plan is the USD 475 2016-2021 Strategic Plan which includes the following six goals:

High Student Achievement
• Effective and Valuable Communication
• Highly Effective Staff
• Maximize Resources
• Culture of Shared Responsibility & Effective Partnerships with
Families, Community, & Businesses
• Safe, Sustainable, Healthy, and Respectful School Community

The entry plan activities have been designed to provide opportunities to collect information through a variety of approaches including interviews, group meetings, and a review of documents and resources. This combination of informal and formal research will provide a comprehensive picture of the organization. In essence, the entry plan will serve as a formative process for the whole organization to see what is working and what may need to be adjusted.

Dr. Eggleston will present a report to the Board of Education and the community through a “State of The Schools Address,” which will detail the findings of the formative assessment and outline recommendations and strategies proposed for the future direction of USD 475.

Detailed Entry Plan Objectives By Stakeholder Group

Board of Education Establish a team-oriented working relationship with individual members and the Board of Education as a whole to support the work and success of Geary County Schools.
Senior and Executive Staff Develop strong professional relationships with senior staff members to create a collaborative team to lead Geary County Schools.
School and Department Leadership Cultivate strong professional relationships with all school-based and department leaders and encourage leaders to become knowledgeable and understanding of each community they serve, their instructional and support services and resources, and the goals of each program.
Teachers Create open, professional relationships to facilitate communication between teachers and leadership at both the building and district level to support staff in meeting the needs of students and families.  Establish an advisory group that meets regularly with the Superintendent.
Additional Employee Group Representatives Develop relationships with employee groups to facilitate open communication, provide opportunities for feedback, and align group work to support students and families.
Students Establish partnerships with representatives from student groups at all levels to gain perspective and understanding of the opportunities and contributions of students within Geary County Schools.
Parents Establish partnerships with local parent groups to become knowledgeable of their advocacy and contributions to all students in USD 475.  Establish an advisory group that meets regularly with the Superintendent.
Community Leadership Build upon support, and establish channels for communication with community leaders – faith-based and business organizations – that serve the students and enhance the Geary County Schools community.
Political Leadership Create partnerships and establish means for consistent communication with local, regional, state, and national leaders to support the students, their families, and the Geary County Schools community.
Media Generate an early “listening and learning” focus and communicate goals to the media, public, and the education community.

Creating A Framework For Listening And Learning To Facilitate Relationships For Student Success

Phase Themes and Guiding Questions Objectives Documents To Review
Pre-entry: Exploration & Dialogue   May to June Vision What is currently being done to ensure that USD 475 fulfills its mission to teach and inspire every student, every year?   What more needs to be done to accomplish this mission?   Communication How will USD 475 communicate the mission and vision to accomplish the goals? Develop an understanding of the perspectives of stakeholders to establish a roadmap for the vision and expectations of Geary County Schools.   Establish an understanding and ownership of the process by which the district’s vision, mission, core beliefs, commitment, and action plans provide the best possible education for every child.   Review the mission, vision, beliefs, and goals.         2016-2021 Strategic PlanBoard of Education Policy and ImplementationBoard of Education Meeting Minutes/AgendasEmployee HandbookStudent and Parent HandbooksCurriculum, Instruction, and Program AssessmentsDistrict and school level Professional Development PlansStudent Achievement Data by School/DepartmentFinancial Projections and Budget Documents/ProcessesCapital Improvement PlanLegal ProceedingsEmergency Management Plans and ProceduresAdministrator and Teacher Evaluation ProcessMiddle and High School Programs of StudySpecial Education PlanSpecial Education Hearings, Decisions, and AppealsDiscipline HearingsElementary and Secondary School Goals
Entry: Evaluation & Achievement   July to August Achievement What successes were achieved toward meeting the Strategic Plan goals?   What successes must be achieved to meet the established goals outlined in the District’s Strategic Plan? Determine “where USD 475 is and where it needs to go” in terms of organizational effectiveness and efficiency.   Review the number of goals and ensure effective communication.  
Post-entry: Strategies for Future Success   August to December Strategies What steps are necessary for USD 475 to accomplish the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan?   Future What are the future aspirations of USD 475?   Identify successful strategies staff are using to meet the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan.   Determine which USD 475 strategies may not be fully realizing the Strategic Plan goals and objectives.   Examine key issues in the school district to determine how the organization may function in the future.  

Detailed Entry Plan Activities By Stakeholder

Stakeholder Pre-entry Activities Entry Activities Developing Action Plan Activities On-going Activities
Board of Education Discuss the USD 475 comprehensive needs assessment.  Hold working sessions and meet with members individually. Host a Board Retreat. Align board actions to the established needs and goals.     Establish internal communication, public engagement, and agendas. Establish a format for work sessions/meetings.
Senior and Executive Staff Establish priorities of work.  Determine, what the goals are for each department and how departments support each other. Conduct and facilitate staff and department meetings. Review department goals and plans. Establish goals and weekly meetings.
School and Program Leadership Visit/meet each school/program and its leadership. Review student data and the successes of each district program. Visit/meet each school/program and its leadership. Visit/meet each school/program and its leadership.
Teachers and Staff Facilitate initial building visits and meetings. Meet with teachers during visits to schools and establish a relationship with JCEA. Establish a Teacher Advisory Committee and meet with staff. Host regular meetings with the Teacher Advisory Committee.
Students Meet with student leaders during school visits. Host meetings with key students groups. Establish regular meetings with key student groups. Facilitate regular meetings with key student groups.
Parents Meet collectively with PTA/PTO groups within the district. Establish a Parent Advisory Committee. Host meetings with parents and advisory groups. Meet collectively with PTA/PTO groups. Host regular parent advisory meetings.
Community Leadership Meet with community leaders from Grandview Plaza, Milford, Junction City, and Fort Riley. Host an initial meeting with key community organizations to review the status of their relationship with USD 475. Participate in special community functions and events hosted by these associated organizations. Attend ongoing events and meetings as needed.
Political Leadership Host initial meetings with the USD 475 Board of Education, legal counsel, legislators, and executive staff members. Host initial meetings with key state and national elected officials and representatives. Attend ongoing events and meetings as needed. Attend ongoing events and meetings as needed.
Media Host an initial press conference for area media organizations Provide dates and times of meetings and public engagements. Meet regularly with local media Meet regularly with local media

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