Requests for Proposals

USD 475 will post Requests for Proposals (RFPs) on this page, along with supporting documents and deadline information.

Interested parties should read all documents thoroughly to ensure that submitted proposals include all requested information, are in the format requested, and that they meet all applicable deadlines. No late proposals will be considered.

Student Transportation Services

RFP release date: 18 September 2020
Questions and Clarifications Due Date: 12 February 2021
Proposal due date: 25 February 2021 by 10 am
RFP Amendment 0002 Added 06 October 2020
RFP Amendment 0003 Added 13 October 2020
RFP Amendment 0004 Added 15 October 2020
RFP Amendment 0005 Added 21 January 2021

Supporting Documents (click on each document name to view):
Request for Proposal
Amendment 0001: Site Visit
Exhibit A: Past Performance Reference Form
Exhibit B: Workload Data
Exhibit C: Line Item Pricing Matrix
Exhibit D: Submittals
Amendment 0002: Extend Due Dates
Amendment 0003: Questions and Answers
Amendment 0004: RFP Suspension
Amendment 0005: Changes and Resume RFP

Disposition of Old JCHS Campus
(Corner of Eisenhower Blvd. and 8th)

RFP Release Date: Summer 2020
Proposal Due Date: Continuous or until Board acceptance of a proposal

Supporting Documents:
Request for Proposal