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Clubs offer a variety of tested, proven and nationally recognized programs designed to empower kids and teens to excel in school, become good citizens and lead healthy, productive lives. Programs are tailored to the local community and customized for each age group to meet the interests and developmental needs of young people ages 6-18.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America, in partnership with the U.S. Armed Services, help children face the unique challenges of life in a military family. Through action-oriented partnerships, we commit to providing children of military personnel with critical youth development programs and caring relationships customized to their unique needs, giving families the vital support they need.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s research shows that young people who attend a Club regularly tend to do better than their peers nationally. For instance according to Boys and Girls Club of America:

  • 68% of Club 12th graders volunteer at least once per month, compared with 39% of 12th graders nationally
  • 90% of Club ninth graders report abstaining from drinking alcohol in the past 30 days, compared with 77% of ninth graders nationally
  • 31% of Club girls ages 12 to 15 are physically active every day, compared with 23% of girls in the same age range nationally
  • A comparison of NYOI and National Survey on Drug Use and Health data suggests that low-income, regularly attending Club members ages 12 to 17 outperform their peers nationally on school grades. About three-quarters of these Club members report earning mostly As and Bs in school, compared with 67 percent of youth nationally

Clubs provide a fun, safe and constructive environment for kids and teens during out-of-school hours. Community-based and led by professional staff, Clubs serve small towns, large metropolitan areas, public housing communities, and Native populations, as well as those who live on U.S. military installations worldwide. They offer programs and services to help young people succeed in school, develop leadership skills, and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Phone: (785) 717-6578 or (785) 717-4900

2019 Summer Program Letter
2019 Summer Program Application

Elementary Student Care

For students kindergarten through fifth grade in all elementary schools in USD 475 (EXCEPT elementary schools located on Fort Riley and Milford Elementary)
Times: 5:30 AM – 7:30 AM, 3:15 PM – 6:00 PM (Monday – Friday)
*Transportation is offered to and from the schools.

Middle and High School Student Activities

Middle School activities are only on planned days when schools are notified in advance.
High School activities are located at the Freshman Success Academy on planned activity days from 3:35 – 5:45 PM.

James Russell
Boys and Girls Club Director
(785) 717-6578

The Director of Boys and Girls Club actively seeks out opportunities for the youth to be involved in the community. Mr. Russell also incorporates STEM into the program when possible.