Inclement Weather Procedures


USD 475 follows specific procedures when inclement weather causes changes to school operations.  The following are the procedures for what happens during each type of change, and what parents and students can expect during those weather emergencies.  The Superintendent makes the final decision regarding any changes in operations due to inclement weather. While the district works to ensure that these decisions are made in a timely manner, the decisions will be made and broadcast no later than 6:00 AM on the day of the change.

In any inclement weather situation, it is always the parent’s decision if they choose to send their child to school or keep the child home.  If a parent decides to keep a student home, the parent should call the child’s school and inform the school of the absence as soon as possible. 


If weather will cause a disruption in school operations, the district will send out email and text message alerts to parents and staff.  Local media, such as KSNT, WIBW, and will be notified.  A message regarding the disruption will be posted on the district’s official Facebook page ( In addition, an alert will be displayed on the website homepage, in the form of a red banner at the top of the screen, giving specific information about the changes in operations.    

School Cancellation

When the Superintendent decides that school is cancelled, no classes will be in session.  District offices will be closed for the day.  All professional development classes and meetings will be cancelled and rescheduled.  All school activities and practices will also be cancelled.  No district travel will be allowed for games, competitions, practices, or activities, unless the Superintendent deems it safe to grant a limited exception.  Boys and Girls club will also be closed.  All school buildings will remain closed until the district reopens. 

Delayed Start

When school has a delayed start by two hours, classes will begin two hours after the normal start time.  Bus pickups will occur two hours after the normal pickup time (conditions may cause some travel delays).  Breakfast will not be served at schools.  Morning classes for Early Childhood will be cancelled.  School will release at the normal time, and buses will drop students off at their regular drop-off times. 

A delayed start may cause additional disruptions to district activities, such as field trips, meetings, or events.  In the event of a delayed start, please check with your child’s teacher or coach for specific details. 

Early Release

When the district issues an early release for classes, students will be released from school in accordance with the announced schedule, e.g. two hours earlier than their normal release time.  Buses will drop students off at their normal locations earlier than the normal drop off time.  Afternoon meetings, activities, practices, and competitions throughout the district will be cancelled.  Boys and Girls club will be closed.  No district travel will be permitted for games or competitions.

Cold Weather Safety Advisory

When extreme cold temperatures and dangerous wind-chill conditions exist, students and parents are reminded:

Students should dress warmly and cover all exposed skin surfaces.

Students should remain inside the school or home until transportation arrives.

Students should not walk long distances to or from school.

Winter Recess/Building Access Guidelines

Students will remain in the building for recess and/or be permitted to enter the building before school if the temperature or wind chill is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.