Emergency Safety Interventions

The Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI) law set forth standards for the use of restraint and seclusion to ensure that all Kansas students and staff have a safe learning environment. The standards found in the ESI statutes and regulations are required to be followed in all Kansas public school districts and accredited private schools.

If an emergency safety intervention was used with a student, we invite and strongly encourage parents to schedule a meeting to discuss the incident and how to prevent future use of emergency safety interventions.  A parent can request and schedule this meeting by going to the back page for the person to contact who will work to schedule this meeting with the required participants.  This meeting will be scheduled no later than 10-school days from when the parent makes the request unless the parent cannot meet within that time frame.

Emergency Safety Intervention Parent Information

Request for investigation of ESI

USD475 Board Policy (Section GAAF)

For more information, contact:

Nathan Downs
Nathan Downs
Executive Director of Special Education
E-mail: nathandowns@usd475.org
Phone: (785) 717-4091