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The facilities department is responsible for ensuring the district’s buildings and grounds are well maintained and that building operations run smoothly. This includes 24 buildings with over 1,409,110 square feet located on 283 acres. The district contracts with GCA Services to provide custodial and maintenance services.

Facility Use Procedures & Fees
Facility Request Form
Facility Fee Schedule

Facilities Services Contacts

24 Hour On-Call Emergency (785) 761-1549

Kevin Dickerson, ABM Senior Facilities Manager, 785-717-4365

Bob Melius, ABM Office Supervisor, 785-717-4363

Michaela Seidel, ABM Office Administrative Assistant, 785-717-4367

David Wert, Cenergistics – Energy Specialist, (785) 717-4053

Karl DeArmond

Karl DeArmond

Chief Operations Officer


The Chief Operations Officer oversees the Business Department which manages the Business Department, Facilities, the maintenance of buildings, and all technology needs for the district. He ensures all facilities are up to code and maintained properly, and all the technology needs of staff and students are met.

Michael Eichhorn

Michael Eichhorn

Operations Manager


The Operations Manager is ​responsible for the procurement needs of the district. He also oversees the warehouse operations of the district as well as maintaining and verifying the current inventory of fixed assets. He is also responsible for all facets of the district's insurance coverage.

Catherine Agostini

Catherine Agostini

Purchasing/Inventory Clerk


The Purchasing/Inventory Clerk is directly responsible for purchase order processing, inventory, and vendor account maintenance.