Public Comment

Members of the public are encouraged to participate in Board of Education meetings and can do so through the public comment section. In order to provide public comment, a form must be completed and submitted ahead of the meeting start time.

Guidelines for Public Comment

  • Each individual should complete the “Public Comment Form” provided below or at the meeting location.
  • The completed form should be given to the Clerk of the Board at least five (5) minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
  • Citizens addressing the Board should come to the front podium when called upon and state their name and address.
  • Time for public comment will be announced after approval of the Consent Agenda.
  • Comments shall not exceed three (3) minutes with the expectation that no one indiviual will speak more than once on any given agenda item or topic. 
  • If there are several indiviuals wishing to speak on any one topic, no more than five speakers shall speak to the Board in an effort to avoid duplicating what has been said previously.
  • Comments must be relevant to the issue and promote the civility and dignity of the meeting. Speakers will only address issues; comments about personalities will not be permitted.
  • Participant’s are expected to respect each speaker’s opinion.
  • Speakers may speak on more than one agenda item and should indicate the topics to be addressed on the form handed to the Clerk. Indiviuals who have not spoken previously are given the opportunity to speak first.
  • Board members will listen carefully to the speakers’ comments and concerns but will not engage in any discussion/debate with the speakers. Board members may ask questions for clarification purposes.