Board of Education FAQ

The job of the Board of Education is to set policies for operating the schools and to employ staff to carry out its policies. It adopts a budget and oversees how it is spent. The board hires the superintendent to serve as its chief executive officer and acts upon the recommendations of the superintendent.

The board also sets goals for the district. Goals may relate to the curriculum, student achievement, teaching, buildings and equipment and funding for education. 

The board consists of seven members who are elected at-large for four-year staggered terms during elections held in November of odd-numbered years. Board members serve the district and community without pay.

  • Are board meetings open to the public?

    Yes. The board welcomes you to its meetings. As a taxpayer and patron of this school district, you are part owner in the public school system. The board of education wants to be responsive to you and all members of the community it represents.

  • When and where are meetings held?

    Regular monthly meetings are held at 6:30 p.m., on either the first or second Monday of the month. The board meetings are held at the Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support, 123 N. Eisenhower. A list of meeting dates and locations for the year is available on the District website, on the Calendar at the following link:

    The location of the board meeting is announced in the Daily Union and on KJCK radio. The board president or the superintendent may also call a special meeting if necessary.

  • May I address the board at a meeting?

    Yes. A special time on the agenda, "Public Comments", is provided for anyone who wishes to address the board. Rules for the public forum will be available from the clerk prior to the board meeting.

    Individuals who wish to address the Board should complete a Public Comment Form which will be available prior to the board meeting. This form should be submitted to the Clerk of the Board at least five minutes prior to the start of the meeting. Citizens who wish to address the Board should come to the front of the room and state their name and address.

    Each speaker shall be limited to no more than two minutes. Groups should have a designated spokesperson.

    Board members will listen carefully to the speakers' comments and concerns, but will not engage in any discussion/debate with speaker(s).

  • What is done at board meetings?

    The usual order of business is as follows:

    1. Roll call
    2. Approval of the agenda
    3. Approval of consent agenda
    4. Conversations with Principals
    5. Public Comments
    6. Approve bills for the month
    7. Action Items
    8. Discussion Items
    9. Board member remarks
    10. Executive session - if needed
    11. Adjournment
  • Does the board know the agenda in advance?

    Yes. Board members receive the agenda and study background information on items before the meeting. They come prepared to ask questions, discuss and take action.

  • Are the board's actions made public?

    Yes. All board action is taken in an open public meeting. Reporters from the local newspaper and radio stations receive copies of the agenda, attend the meetings and report on board actions.

    The board may meet privately in executive session for a limited number of items in accordance with the Kansas Open Meetings Law. These items include personnel matters, legal matters or acquisition of property, discussion or negotiations or matters related to individual students. Even in cases, any board action must be taken in an open public meeting.

  • How do I contact the Kansas Association of School Boards?

    Please visit the following link to contact the Kansas Association of School Boards.

  • How do I contact the State Board of Education?

    Please follow the link to contact the State Board of Education.

  • How do I contact the National School Boards Association?

    Please follow the following link to contact the National School Boards Association.