District Employees Recognized for Milestone Years of Service

Geary County Schools USD 475 honored staff members who had reached milestone years of service last school year at its 2022 General Session Friday, Sept. 2. All honorees were listed in the event program and those with 10 or more years were announced by USD 475 Associate Superintendent Deb Gustafson, Ed.D. Certificates will also be awarded.

“It is an incredible honor to recognize our family members who have chosen to make USD  475 their choice of a workplace,” said Gustafson. “When we speak of the pride we have in our school district, we are speaking directly of these individuals and their many years of contributions.”

The 2022 Years of Service honorees are:

Celebrating 5 Years of Service

Anna Alimenko, Grandview Elementary

Morgan Anderson, Milford Elementary

Lisa Bascue, Westwood Elementary

Charles Berry, Eisenhower Elementary

Jeannie Bronson, Seitz Elementary

Takara Brownridge, Grandview Elementary

Babbette Carr, Washington Elementary

Paula Charleston, Ft. Riley Elementary

Melissa Childs, Eisenhower Elementary

Jeffery Childs, Sr., Junction City High School

Amber Cole, Morris Hill Elementary

Nicole Coons, Westwood Elementary

Donna Coulter, Ft. Riley Elementary

Katelyn Dehoff, Junction City High School

Nathan Downs, Devin Center

Shannon Flynn, Seitz Elementary

Jessica Forbes, Devin Center

Sydney Hames, Junction City Middle School

Karissa Hammock, Junction City Middle School

Emily Hartwick, Lincoln Elementary

Tammie Hobbs, Junction City Middle School

Diane Hylton, Eisenhower Elementary

Jenette Ingwerson, Seitz Elementary

Amy R. Innis, Spring Valley Elementary

Donice James, Ft. Riley Middle School

Dane Janner, Junction City Middle School

Callie Jones, Sheridan Elementary

Norma Kemp, Eisenhower Elementary

Samantha Kruse, Junction City High School

Matthew Lemon, Spring Valley Elementary

Darissa Maley, Ware Elementary

Jared Morris, Junction City High School

Teralyn Morris, Junction City High School

Taylor Nagle, Spring Valley Elementary

Charles J. Neuman, Early Childhood Education

Jennifer Obee, Spring Valley Elementary

Dayni Padilla, Seitz Elementary

Traci Perkins, Junction City Middle School

Amanda Jo Peterson, Early Childhood Education

Christopher Renner, Washington Elementary

Lorrie Ruffin, Junction City High School

Cassie Sandlin, Eisenhower Elementary

Richard Searles, Devin Center

Allison Shane, Junction City High School

Jacque Shane, Lincoln Elementary

Zoraida Soto Illas, Eisenhower Elementary

Tuyet Oanh St. Jacques, Junction City High School

Carin Stevens, Ft. Riley Middle School

Kimberly Stich, Morris Hill Elementary

Jordan Tabares, Ware Elementary

Shelia Terry, Grandview Elementary

Delaine Wells, Washington Elementary

Denette Westerman, Milford Elementary

David Wild, Devin Center

Jamie Williams, Junction City Middle School

Tanya Zink, Washington Elementary

Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Betty Anders, Grandview Elementary

Jackie Anschutz, Devin Center

Kelly Ballard, Eisenhower Elementary

Catherine Bowen, Junction City Middle School

Michael Brown, Junction City High School

Melissa Broyles, Devin Center

Jaymarie Cleary, Ware Elementary

Lorianne Crider, Devin Center

Brandy Davis, Ware Elementary

Sara Devine, Junction City High School

Erin Dickens, Ft. Riley Elementary

Marlies Gipson, Junction City Middle School

Brianna Hagan, Junction City High School

Jennifer Hansen, Devin Center

Christina Hessler, Sheridan Elementary

Barret Hunstad, Ft. Riley Middle School

Kimberly Jurgensen, Lincoln Elementary

Mandy Lofgren, Junction City Middle School

Elaine Mckale, Washington Elementary

Andreas Moll, McConnel Maint.-Central Kitchen

Valerie Moore, Eisenhower Elementary

Alicia Morgan, Spring Valley Elementary

Basil Nevill, Eisenhower Elementary

Trista Pickard, Ft. Riley Elementary

Cale Prater, Junction City High School

Brittany Scott, Ware Elementary

Laura Searles, Morris Hill Elementary

Stephanie Shoemaker, Eisenhower Elementary

Dustin Shrouf, Ft. Riley Middle School

Lauren Simmons, Junction City High School

Christy Smelley, Junction City High School

Nikki Spiller, Junction City Middle School

Heather Stackley, Westwood Elementary

Tammy Straub, Early Childhood Education

Tamara Svitak, Junction City High School

Teresa Thrasher, Early Childhood Education

Leslie Yenni, Ft. Riley Middle School

Ann Zier, Early Childhood Education

Celebrating 15 Years of Service

Christina Amerin, Junction City High School

Virginia Barth, Ft. Riley Middle School

Desiree Brown, Sheridan Elementary

Elizabeth Butler, Infant Toddler Services

Daniel Dinkel, Eisenhower Elementary

Sarah Dinkel, Eisenhower Elementary

Pamela Dombrowski, Devin Center

Ted Ehlers, Junction City High School

Cheryl Elligan, Junction City High School

Ashley Elmir, Ft. Riley Middle School

Yosdel Espinoza, Washington Elementary

Valerie French, Grandview Elementary

Denise Fuller, Junction City Middle School

Fortuna Buentipo, Ft. Riley Elementary

Kristine Gates, Devin Center

Troy Geike, Ware Elementary

Mark Hallum, Junction City Middle School

Sabine Hass, Morris Hill Elementary

Catherine Hollis, Lincoln Elementary

Michaela Larson, Ware Elementary

Nicole Nutter, Devin Center

Patricia Orellana Arellano, Junction City High School

Melissa Parker, Ft. Riley Elementary

Kelly Priest, Eisenhower Elementary

Elizabeth Roeser, Junction City Middle School

Anna Schlesener, Ft. Riley Middle School

Betty Waters, Washington Elementary

Kathryn Winnie, Junction City High School

Celebrating 20 Years of Service

Teresa Anderson, Grandview Elementary

Christopher Bogenhagen, Junction City Middle School

Wanda Buckland, Junction City Middle School

Abigail Clark, Early Childhood Education

Alex Emmer, Morris Hill Elementary

Donna Hallenbeck, Spring Valley Elementary

Jennifer Malcolm, Lincoln Elementary

Angela Pond, Spring Valley Elementary

Stephanie Waterman,  Early Childhood Education

Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Christine Brady, Junction City Middle School

Naomi Bundley, Lincoln Elementary

Delcie Claeys, Washington Elementary

Norma Cornejo, Ware Elementary

Olga Delgado Nieves, Ware Elementary

Patricia Dozier, H.D. Karns Innovations Academy

Lyn Green, Junction City Middle School

Julie Johnson, Grandview Elementary

Ursula Popovich, Junction City Middle School

Jean Rafalko, H.D. Karns Innovations Academy

John Ryan, Devin Center

Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Susanne Altwegg, Lincoln Elementary

John Davis, H.D. Karns Innovations Academy

Carl Laughlin, Junction City Middle School

Linda Purnell, Eisenhower Elementary

Sherry Sare, Junction City Middle School

Leann Smith, Sheridan Elementary

Mary Jane Witt, Junction City Middle School

Celebrating 35 Years of Service

Connie Aumen, Seitz Elementary

Darren Gunderson, Devin Center

Teresa Wesoloski, Devin Center

Celebrating 40 Years of Service

Kathi Teeter, Lincoln Elementary