Scott Clark speaks at JC Breakfast Club

Scott Clark speaks at the optimist club

On March 30th, 2022, Scott Clark, Director of Emergency Management for USD 475 spoke at the JC Breakfast Optimist Club’s Celebration of Optimism.

Mr. Clark explained that his “focus early on in his position was about responding to an active shooter. Training of the district’s staff and drills with students was about reaction. Now the focus is more on prevention. The new Security Center at the high school is world class to match the world class building. The center is like a dispatch hub for the district. After attending national training with a presenter from Littleton, Colorado, the concept of a district security center was created for USD 475.”

Mr. Clark also shared that “it is difficult to predict violence. We gather evidence, talk with parents, learn about access to weapons and involve a team” as much as possible to prevent violence in our schools. “Running a school is (in part) about prevention, discipline, and respect.” Teaching the behaviors, we want students to have with each other and the staff. “Consistency from pre-k to high school is a key to a safe environment for learning.

Stop It is a system for students to anonymously report bullying, suicidal tendencies, threats, and other issues that may concern safety in a school. Administrators will do the follow up, which may involve the police, social workers, counselors, parents, and others. There is no guarantee about anonymity if the threat or concern is life threatening.”