Junction City High School CTE, internship program prepares students for after graduation

JUNCTION CITY, Kan. — Junction City High School (JCHS) is celebrating 20 years of providing students a head start in their future endeavors through its Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways.

Developed in 2002, the school’s Career Academy structure allows students to choose one of three career academies their sophomore year: Business, Public Service and Hospitality (BPSH); Science, Engineering and Health (SEH); and Fine Arts and Human Services (FAHS). Each academy provides career clusters and courses responding to the CTE pathways, where students take a sequence of courses focusing on their career interests.

“We help students see the ‘why’ of their education while at JCHS,” said Becky Coy, CTE administrator at JCHS. “Our program helps students find an interest in a job field to pursue outside of high school.”

A JCHS student in the Automotive career cluster works on a car in class.

After finding a career pathway of interest, JCHS students can apply for an internship in that career. This allows them to explore that position in an in-depth, hands-on approach to learning and observation with employers across the community. This year, JCHS is piloting a program with Fort Riley, providing students the opportunity to intern at Irwin Army Community Hospital and the Fort Riley Public Affairs Office.

“The valuable work experience will enable our students to gain real-world experiences in their chosen career field, enhance their hands-on skills with the necessary tools in their career, work side by side with business professionals, instill a strong work ethic, and assist them in developing their soft skills, which are critical in today’s job market,” Coy said.

JCHS students can choose among 14 career pathways: Business Finance; Law, Public Safety, and Security; Restaurant and Event Management; Web and Digital Communications; Marketing; Apparel Production; Comprehensive Agriculture Science; Health Science; Mobile Equipment; Production; Construction and Design; A/V Communications; Early Childhood Development; Teaching and Learning.

A JCHS student in the Digital Media career cluster works on a video for the boys’ basketball game.

Each of these programs helps prepare students for their futures, providing them the opportunity to be employable immediately after graduation.

“That’s not typical of a regular high school. This CTE program sets up all students for career success no matter the education or career pathway they choose to take,” Coy said. “JCHS is blessed to have excellent teachers to share the knowledge and love of the different pathways with our students.”

For more information on JCHS’s CTE program, please click here.

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