Eisenhower Elementary holds Family Literacy Night to showcase students’ skills, teach parents techniques

JUNCTION CITY, Kan. — Eisenhower Elementary School staff educate their students every day, and Thursday night they opened the doors to educate the parents of their students to help them see the literary abilities of their children, and how to help them become more fluent readers, writers and speakers.

Eisenhower Elementary School held its Eisenhower Family Literacy Night, which provided families with the opportunity to participate in four sessions with their child, each lasting about 20 minutes. Those sessions focused on skills such as phonemic awareness, rhyming, writing, fluency, letter sounds, and identification and vocabulary, integrating reading skills with singing and physical movement.

“We believe opportunities like this where we can showcase important academic skills in a family-friendly way is essential in creating positive relationships with our families,” Principal Amy Roether said. “Our families are able to see the wonderful talents that our staff possesses and know that their child is getting the best education we can provide. It is also important for our students to see how families and schools can work together as a team.”

Students left with a bundle of books to provide them the opportunity to continue to strengthen their literacy with help from their parents or guardians. However, most importantly, the families left with new skills that will last a lifetime and the memories of seeing their students thrive.

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