Geary County Schools thanks all employees with a COVID-19 appreciation stipend, raised salary

GEARY COUNTY, Kan. — Geary County Schools USD 475 Board of Education and administrative staff provided a stipend to each of their employees to thank them for their endurance and remarkable resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each employee received the following amount, based on their hours worked:

  • Full-time > 30 hours/week – $750
  • KPERS Eligible 17.5 hours to < 30 hours/week – $500
  • Part-time < 17.5 hours/week – $250

“Thank you to our employees for their tireless effort and fight as they continue to persevere through what may be one of the most significant challenges our district has faced,” Superintendent Dr. Reginald Eggleston said. “I appreciate all that our staff has contributed to the success of our district. Because of their efforts, we have risen above the challenges COVID-19 brought, making our students, fellow staff, and community better.”

In addition, the Board of Education and administrative staff approved raising all classified employees’ salaries by 3.05%, administrative and salaried employees’ salaries by 3%, and an annual one-time bonus of 2.75% for all classified and administrative employees.

For media inquiries, please contact Lindley Lund, Marketing and Media Specialist for Geary County Schools USD 475, at