Geary County Schools honors Years of Service recipients

GEARY COUNTY, Kan. — Geary County Schools USD 475 celebrated and recognized many individuals who have shown great dedication to the district, reaching milestones in their careers, during its 2021 General Session. Every 2021 Years of Service recipient was able to attend the session in person, given a certificate, and asked to stand to be recognized for this great accomplishment.

The 2021 Years of Service Recipients are:

Five Year Recipients

Shaunda Adams, Sheridan Elementary School

Michaela Bienhoff, Fort Riley Elementary School

Mary Boland, Fort Riley Middle School

Samantha Boxberger, Junction City High School

Katelyn Brinker, Ware Elementary School

Kolby Brinker, Fort Riley Elementary School

Shannon Brooks, Junction City High School

Tamear Brown, Washington Elementary School

Subin Chin, Junction City High School

Kelly Clark, Junction City Middle School

Charlee Clinesmith, Ware Elementary School

Felicia Cox, Spring Valley Elementary School

Karl DeArmond, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

James Denton III, Seitz Elementary School

Sara Devine, Junction City High School

Svitlana Dixon, Grandview Elementary School

Berisha Etheridge, Grandview Elementary School

Michelle Gardner, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Samantha Garner, Fort Riley Middle School

Paige Gasper, Fort Riley Elementary School

Pamela Grace, Fort Riley Elementary School

Abby Heigert, Ware Elementary School

Richard Hodgson, Junction City High School

Sarah Irvine, Fort Riley Elementary School

Regina Jackson, Substitute

Cory Jennett, Junction City High School

Michelle Jones, Seitz Elementary School

Laura Keim, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Judy Keller, Washington Elementary School

Jennifer Kelly, Lincoln Elementary School

Norma Kemp, Eisenhower Elementary School

Rick Kinion, Junction City High School

Cailin Knight, Early Childhood Center

Rebecca Kobiskie, Eisenhower Elementary School

Nicole Lacey, Fort Riley Elementary School

Jessica Lemon, Washington Elementary School

Ricardo Martinez, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Allan McFarland, Junction City High School

Melanie North, Central Kitchen

Nicholas Perez, Junction City High School

Danielle Pruitt, Eisenhower Elementary School

Megan Roe, H.D. Karns

Erik Russell, Junction City Middle School

Susannah Schmidt, Ware Elementary School

Leslie Schmutz, Eisenhower Elementary School

Brandi Smith, Ware Elementary School

Erin Smith, Spring Valley Elementary School

Joseph Smith, Washington Elementary School

Ranell Steiner, Fort Riley Elementary Scool

Leah Studer, Sheridan Elementary School

Tanya Thurn, Ware Elementary School

Jillian Toms, Sheridan Elementary School

Melody Varnado, Sheridan Elementary School

Peter Voth, Fort Riley Middle School

Alice Williams, Early Childhood Center

Chadwick Wolf, Fort Riley Middle School

Danielle Ziegler, Sheridan Elementary School

10 Year Recipients

Ashley Ackerman, Junction City High School

Thomas Baker, H.D. Karns

Cherissey Barnes, Junction City High School

Nicole Bergeron, Washington Elementary School

Lovena Blodgett, Milford Elementary School

Donyale Blount, Junction City High School

Kathleen Brennan, Fort Riley Middle School

Lisa Brodosi, Westwood Elementary School

Hannah Brown, Junction City Middle School

Sabine Cooke, Junction City High School

Melissa DeJesus Merced, Lincoln Elementary School

Maria Deleon Bethancourt, Grandview Elementary School

Teri Dohrman, Infant-Toddler Services

Britta Dokes, Fort Riley Elementary School

Bryan Dunlap, McConnel Support Center, Central Kitchen

Sara Elliott, Fort Riley Middle School

Brian Forster, Spring Valley Elementary School

Colleen Henney, Eisenhower Elementary School

Michelle Houck, Westwood Elementary School

Rachel Houston, Eisenhower Elementary School

Melissa Howe, Junction City Middle School

Anja Johnson, Milford Elementary School

Michelle Kern, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Karla Kissoon, Washington Elementary School

Tyler Manwarren, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Aaron Miller, Fort Riley Middle School

Kelly Miller, Fort Riley Middle School

Nichole Monroe, Spring Valley Elementary School

Kelli Nelson, Junction City Middle School

Hector Nieves, Junction City High School

Kristin Oleen, Westwood Elementary School

Bridget Oliver, Junction City High School

Christine Poole, Junction City High School

Roy Richardson, Jr., Fort Riley Middle School

Scarlet Rodriguez, Eisenhower Elementary School

Gary Schmalzried, Junction City Middle School

Bobby Whitten, Washington Elementary School

Cassandra Zoeller, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

15 Year Recipients

Lori Abeldt, Junction City Middle School

Abby Allen, Spring Valley Elementary School

Jason Banks, Fort Riley Middle School

Jill Blake, H.D. Karns

Betty Bryant, H.D. Karns

Sharon Cairns, Seitz Elementary School

Deana Campbell, Early Childhood Center

Jodie Cook, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Jennifer Farr, Lincoln Elementary School

Lan Goodrum, Eisenhower Elementary School

Jan Gustason, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Maribel Johnson, Early Childhood Center

Lindsay Jones, Junction City Middle School

Kevin Kramer, McConnell Support Center, Central Kitchen

Angela Kruse, Junction City Middle School

Kimberly Mann, Early Childhood Center

John Markham IV, H.D. Karns

Rachel Moore, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Teresa Palmer, Junction City High School

Sandra Reynolds, Early Childhood Center

Amanda Ridder, Early Childhood Center

Vicki Rothfuss, Spring Valley Elementary School

Maflordeliza Russell, Junction City Middle School

Robert Swarts, McConnell Support Center, Central Kitchen

Kenneth Upham Jr., Fort Riley Elementary School

Glennrey Villamor, Junction City High School

Twenty Year Recipients

Kimberly Andrews, Junction City High School

Brenda Breese, Washington Elementary School

Sylvia Brockman, Junction City Middle School

Angela Dokken, Early Childhood Center

Amy Downs, Fort Riley Middle School

Stephen Green, Junction City High School

Shannon Jones, Junction City Middle School

Jennifer Nagle, Spring Valley Elementary School

Tamara Seifert, H.D. Karns

Claudia Thornton, Junction City High School

Lisa Torres-Wigton, Junction City High School

Dana Wiegand, Junction City High School

25 Year Recipients

Pamela Lee, Grandview Elementary School

Mickey McDaniel, Junction City High School

Jodie Riche, Junction City High School

Danette Story, Fort Riley Middle School

Dianna Tankalavage, Morris Hill Elementary School

Yvonne Warren, Junction City Middle School

Sylvia Wolf, Substitute

30 Year Recipients

Daneen Deam, Milford Elementary School

Michelle McDaniel, Junction City Middle School

Sarah Reynolds, Junction City High School

Michele Wetklow, Washington Elementary School

35 Year Recipients

Tina Fine, Spring Valley Elementary School

Randy Wewer, Junction City High School

Dana Williamson, Ware Elementary School

36 Year Recipients

Shelley Buchanan, Substitute

Kathleen Hoff, Sheridan Elementary School

Cynthia Kelley, Substitute

Inge Noa, Substitute

37 Year Recipients

Lanise Cook, Early Childhood Center

Iris Marston, Westwood Elementary School

38 Year Recipients

Anita Ascher, Westwood Elementary School

39 Year Recipients

Charlotte Landrith, Early Childhood Center

Kathi Teeter, Lincoln Elementary School

40 Year Recipients

Joseph Handlos, Mary E. Devin Center for Education Support

Doris Scripter, Junction City High School

Lynn Shinault, Grandview Elementary School

41 Year Recipients

Linda Howerton, Westwood Elementary School

The district thanks each of the 2021 Years of Service recipients for making Geary County Schools USD 475 the great district that it is.

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