Board of Education recognizes High School Students

Thirty-four Blue Jay students at Junction City High School were recognized for their academic distinction of being in the top 5% of their class at the Special BOE Meeting held Thursday, February 18. Mrs. Merrier Jackson, Interim Principal at JCHS, presented each student a certificate and heartfelt congratulations. These students represent some of the best at JCHS. They are not only top in their academics; they also participate in Student Council, National Honor Society, FFA, Blue Jay Nation, Class Committees, Internships, Athletics, and many other school and community activities.

The following students were recognized:

Seniors – Elyse Nguyen, Abigail Rosauer, Jonathan Flores, Manuel Salvador Villamor, Chloe Whitaker, Jocelyn Luke, Trinity Russell, Daniel Chang, Nathan Green, Kaylee Nguyen

Juniors – Ryan Pham, Aidan Gold, Jayda Harris, Alexander Critton, Jordyn Hunt, Madison Cynova, Cassidy Eschliman, Sarahgrace Pilling, Melanie Thi, Tyler Atkins

Sophomores – Brennon Fisher, Davin Antillon, Lillian Duke, Rafael Gonzalez, Rachel Cho, Riley Hansen, Grace Harris, Daniella Robles, Avianna Deguzman, Mikayla Dibben, Amaya Ferguson, Yaireliz Perez Burgos, Emma Walls, Rose West

Assisting Mrs. Jackson with the presentation were Lisa Torres-Wigton, National Honor Society Sponsor, and Margie Pinaire, JCHS Scholarship Coordinator.