JCHS Welcomes Interim Principal

Merrier Jackson has spent more than 25 years making a difference in the education of young people.  She was raised in Compton, California, and she only recently came to Junction City to take on a new challenge in her career. 

Mrs. Jackson has held many roles during her career in education.  She has been a special education teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, a School Improvement Specialist, and an Education Administrator that has been recognized on many levels for her work.  Her newest role as the acting principal at Junction City High School has brought her to a new place with a new set of challenges that she looks forward to facing head-on. 

Mrs. Jackson only began her post at JCHS this week, but she has already established herself on campus as someone with the experience and knowledge to help students perform at their best.  She can be found walking the hallways, engaging with teachers and students, and visiting classrooms to ensure that she gets to know her school community better.

Mrs. Jackson has spent many years working with at-risk schools, developing better ways to deliver instruction, and focusing on improving student achievement.  She is fully committed to the district’s goals of higher student achievement, a 90% graduation rate, and students that are more prepared for success when they graduate. 

Mrs. Jackson says she has been overwhelmed with the warm welcome and outpouring of support she has received from the staff at JCHS. She has received cards, emails, and well-wishes from many of the high school teachers.  They have expressed appreciation for her positive attitude, high level of engagement with students and teachers, and her leadership.

Mrs. Jackson currently holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Special Education, and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Education.