Remote Learner Lunch Pickup Times

Remote Learning Students may be learning from home, but they still have access to breakfast and lunch meals from USD 475.

Remote Learners are still assigned to their normal home schools, but lunch meals can be picked up from any elementary school. JCMS and JCHS students can also pick up their meals from the HD Karns building.

Each school had a different procedure for meal pickup for remote learners, but all schools allow remote learner lunch pickup from 10:30 to 11:30 am.

Parents can find the pickup procedures on each school’s re-entry plan, which is located on each school’s website. From the website, choose the Schools dropdown menu, then choose the appropriate school from the menu.

Once you are on your school’s website, under the COVID-19 menu tab, select 2020-21 School Year Information, then select School Re-Entry Plan.

The instructions for your school’s remote learner lunch pickup procedure are on the plan.

Student must be present to receive their meal. Students will receive a sack lunch and a breakfast meal for the following day. If there is a situation that prevents the student from being present, parents should contact the Director of Child Nutrition Services to determine if a waiver is applicable.

If parents have any questions about the meal pickup process, they should contact the student’s home school directly.