JCEA Negotiations Summary for July 15

Negotiations Summary – July 15, 2020

This meeting was held via ZOOM due to the threat of COVID.  The first issue for discussion was supplemental salary.  Marilee Fredricks made a report about what is going on nationally in referenced to money coming into the district.  Dawn Toomey reported out on the cost of the increase to the salary schedule, including supplemental.  After a caucus, an option was put up.  Dr. Eggleston requested that this issue be tabled so that we could have a discussion about all things that pertain to money so that the teams could get a clearer picture of how money could be spent.  The issues of salary schedule, additional duties within the duty day, and hourly compensation were selected as the next issues to discuss.  Dr. Eggleston, Mrs. Toomey, Mrs. Fredricks, Mrs. Weigand, and Mrs. Ricard had a private meeting about salary before these issues were brought to the group.  The priority list for the next meeting, July 16 at 9:30 was developed.