JCEA Negotiations Summary from June 23, 2020

The meeting began shortly after 2:00.  The team was reminded that we are all here to problem solve and that everyone wants what is best for students, even if we do not agree on what that is.  The first issue that was discussed was voting for elementary contact time.  The team was able to resolve this issue.  Next, the team moved to meeting time.  Mrs. Scofield made a brief presentation that helped define the issue as well as presented a solution to the problem.  Multiple options went through the standards, but a solution was not reached.  The next item on the agenda was wording for a pandemic clause. The district passed out a draft of possible wording.  The team decided to table this issue until 6/30/2020 so that the proposed wording could be analyzed.  While the Board noticed “Flexible Professional Development” in their notice letter, they removed it as an issue.  The team brought the issue of middle school report time back to the table (it was tabled on 6/11) as the next issue.  Additional options were generated.  This was tabled until 6/24, so that the team can review tardy data.