JCEA Negotiations Round 2 Summary


Due to live streaming issues, the meeting was not able to start at 8:30. The meeting started at 8:49. The team decided to discuss the middle school schedule as the first issue. A presentation was made by Mrs. Oentrich and Mrs. Sell to justify the why behind the schedule change. Additional options were generated by the team. When the team was unable to reach a solution, a sidebar discussion was held between Mrs. Ricard, Dr. Eggleston, and the facilitator, Mr. Rasmussen. A solution to the issue was reached. The team then began a discussion about pandemic language. This issue was tabled, with the team being given the task to start drafting language that could be added as an appendix. The middle school duty day was the next item for discussion. This issue was tabled until the next meeting.

Next meeting is June 30, 2020 at 1:30, unless a sooner date can be determined.