Fort Riley Garrison Commander Tours New JCHS Campus

COL Stephen Shrader, Garrison Commander at Fort Riley, recently received a tour of the new JCHS construction site. He was accompanied by his wife, Tiffany, and sons, Mason and Grant Shrader. COL Shrader has served as the Fort Riley Board of Education representative for the past two years. His son Mason is a JCHS Class of 2020 graduate, while Grant recently completed his sophomore year. Tiffany Shrader has volunteered with the JCHS site council.  

Hutton Construction, along with their subcontractors, have continued work on the new JCHS facility throughout the winter and spring months, and the progress is quite noticeable.  The exterior structure is almost complete in some places, and the construction crews work diligently to remain on schedule for the grand opening in August of 2021. 

The tour was led by Cody Simon, General Superintendent with Hutton Construction, and Malcolm Watkins, Lead Architect for SJCF Architecture. USD 475 Chief Operations Officer David Wild, JCHS Principal Melissa Sharp, and Jeff Wells, JCHS Carpentry instructor and former teacher for Mason, also joined the tour to honor and bid the Shrader family a fond farewell.  COL Shrader, and most of his family, are scheduled to leave Fort Riley for his new post this July.

“I don’t want to leave, this is the first duty tour that has affected me this way, there is something special about this community,” concluded Tiffany, during the tour. Mason added that he wasn’t leaving Kansas. He is enrolled at Pittsburg State University, in Pittsburg, Kansas for the fall semester. Mason is planning for a degree in education and would like to stay in Kansas. “This place offers great diversity,” added Mason.

Grant will be following his parents to their new duty station in Kentucky next month but makes it clear that he would prefer to finish his education at Junction City High School. He light-heartedly asked his dad to find a family to host him while finishing high school at JCHS, but his mother makes it clear that she is not ready to leave both sons behind in Kansas.