USD 475 Makes Supplies for Community Benefit

Geary County Schools has looked for ways to support the surrounding community with the resources it has available, while our facilities are closed.  The district works to support the surrounding community during difficult and uncertain times. 

USD 475 has found several ways to meet the needs of the people in our community.  District teachers, administrators, support staff, and contactors can be seen giving their time and resources in many ways all over Geary County.

One contractor has managed to amplify his efforts significantly, with the assistance of USD 475.  David Wert, USD 475’s dedicated Cenergistic contractor, has been spending parts of his days at the Larry Dixon Center making supplies for essential workers and medical facilities. 

David Wert started making ear savers and face shields several weeks ago.  David Wild, Chief Operations Officer for USD 475, heard about his efforts and decided to use the district’s existing resources to assist him.  Wert was making these supplies and distributing them from the garage of his home, with the help of his 3D printer.  Now, he has his headquarters at the Larry Dixon Center, and is running a total of 7 3D printers simultaneously.

“I can print 42 ear savers every 4 hours or 7 face shields every two hours,” Wert says.

Wert also continues to assist the district with energy saving efforts.  He has implemented new energy-saving measures in many of the district’s closed buildings.  He says, “For energy management I have shut down all HVAC across the district except at the Central Kitchen, parts Of the Devin Center, and parts of the Larry Dixon Center. District staff know that if they need HVAC while they are in a building, they can reach out to me and I will get their area covered. Over the last couple of months, the district has saved considerably on electric consumption.”

Wert makes regular deliveries of these supplies to local facilities.  This week alone, he dropped off 40 ear savers to Geary County Hospital, 12 to JCVA, and 10 to Prairie Family Dental.  His supplies also go to hospitals in surrounding states.  He intends to continue providing support as long as the supplies are needed.