JCHS Theater Production Brings Awards

The Jester Awards are presented by Music Theater Wichita each year to high schools in the region that create professional and memorable stage productions. The goal of the awards is to recognize, stimulate and encourage student achievement, and to focus the attention of the community and school districts on the importance of musical theatre and arts education.

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Torres-Wigton

This year, Junction City High school took home several awards for their outstanding production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Outstanding Director of Show went to Jennifer Brown.

Outstanding Leading Actress went to Payton Tabb for her role as Ariel.

Photos Courtesy of Lisa Torres-Wigton

Outstanding Small Ensemble went to Rebekah Vega, Kylie Brown, Kaya Sparks, Lolly Winsor, Mia Perusich, and Koralys Minis-Lorenzo for their performance as the Mersisters.

Outstanding Production Number went to the cast for their rendition of “Kiss the Girl.”

Doug Salee, Principal of the Fine Arts & Human Services Academy, says of these awards, “It’s a privilege sharing this recognition with the Central Office Staff and Junction City High School. This recognition reflects the hard work, sacrifices, and direction of our performing arts program over the past 8 years. It speaks highly of our students exceptional talents and the abilities of Michael Brown, Annika Stucky, Jared Morris, Alan Clark, Sam Boxberger, Brian Hagemeister, Jodie Richie, and Jennifer Brown. Jennifer has either directed, co-directed our productions for 7 of our last 8 productions. Michael and Annika’s exceptional abilities to develop student vocalist is amazing and is a reason for the quality of our musical productions. The choreography is amazing and should have scored. Finally, our drama program sets everyone up for success. It’s a team effort and I want to thank the Musical Staff who contributed to the success of this year’s production as well as recognize the cast and stage crew for an outstanding performance.”