Staff and Community Show Up for JCHS Class of 2020

Today was cap and gown pickup for JCHS Class of 2020.  JCHS set up the materials in the parking lot to make the process easy for families and students, and so that everyone adheres to current social distancing guidelines. 

However, teachers, coaches, and community members wanted to be sure that the students knew that they are supported. So, many people came to JCHS early today to hang signs and messages of encouragement for the students along the fence of Al Simpler Stadium.

Some teachers and coaches have decided to stay the entire day and hold up their signs so that seniors know they have support from the staff.  In addition to the staff, Margie Pinaire, longtime supporter of the district and member of the Geary County Schools Foundation, was on site and wearing her Blue Jay head to show her support as well.  Melissa Sharp, Principal at JCHS, was handing out sunglasses and sashes to seniors.

Some staff members wore graduation gowns and music was played over a speaker to help keep spirits high.  All staff wore masks, and those that were handing out materials wore gloves to ensure the health and safety of students was still the main priority. It was clear that the teachers and staff at JCHS miss interacting with their students every day, and that they still want to encourage and support their success.