USD 475 CLP Grading for PreK to 12th Grade Students

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PreK-5 Grading for the Remainder of this 2019-2020 School Year:

Dear Parents,

All students in grades PreK through 5th grade will have their third quarter grades frozen. This means that no grades and or assignments will be entered in Skyward for 4th quarter. In the comment box on the grade card, comments could be made in regards to showing improvement, reflect progress or lack of, etc., etc.

Participation is attendance and attendance is required for completing grade level expectations. -We will continue to have the expectation that students must engage and participate in the continuous learning plan. The reason for freezing those third quarter grades is the fact that nothing is the same as being in class with a teacher and we recognize this regardless of how good our plan is. The plan, as well as schedules provided by teachers and schools, are for you as USD 475 families to maintain a daily schedule as well as a way for all to stay connected with their class.

Please be in touch with your child’s teacher if you have any additional questions.

Information regarding 6th-8th and 9th-12th Grading Guidance will be shared later this week.

We are thankful for your patience with us and thank you for what you are doing to help kiddos remain connected and “in school”.

Respectfully – USD 475

FRMS Continuous Learning 2019-20 Lessons

• All teachers will post their lessons on Schoology for the following day by 3:00 pm Monday-Friday (Monday’s lesson posted on Friday)

• Students will work on each class for no more than 30 minutes per day. The 30 minutes will be some combination of a video, practice and assignments or assessment. If students are spending more than 30 minutes regularly in a class reach out to the teacher.

• This format allows students to work on their lessons at a time that is convenient for them and their family.
How will students be assessed? For most classes this is what will happen, there are some exceptions.

• Students can expect 1 graded assignment weekly for each for their classes, for a total of 6 graded assignments per class for the 4th quarter. Additional “ungraded” practice may be assigned. These assignments will be 20% of their grade.

• Student will have 2 assessments that could be a test, quiz or project for each of their classes. These will be 80% of their grade.

• Students will have opportunities to redo graded assignments and assessments.

• Teachers will update grades by 3:00pm each Monday.

How will students be supported?

• Teams will check grades and attendance on all students and determine if support is needed and assign a staff member to provide that support. Possible supports are: Check up by the teacher, counselor, behavioral health, nurse, or administration. Small Group work sessions for students.

• Teachers will provide necessary accommodations to student assignments and assessments.

Office Hours

• All teachers have offices hours from 8:00 am – 10:00 am and 1:00pm – 3:00pm Monday – Friday.

• Office hours are a time when teachers are available for students to reach out for assistance with their work. They may ask questions via email, host Q and A sessions with small groups or chat with the students using the messenger tools in Schoology.

JCMS Information on Grading for Continuous Learning

JCHS: Communication on Grading – Spring, 2020

• We will pull and post current grades to Skyward during the grading deadline, but JCHS will not mail our progress reports home as we do each 6 weeks. (Students – If you have pending assignments that have yet to be turned in, you should take care of that NOW). Students/Families are asked to check their grades in Skyward before beginning their Continuous Learning Platforms on April 6th. Grades should also be part of the weekly check-in conversations with each teacher and the Advisory Instructor.

• Assessments and Homework have been left to the discretion of the departments and each teacher, as is always the norm. However, through many online learning sessions, teachers do understand the reality of limiting students to 3 hours of instruction/day, the workload and responsibility of 4 classes/day, 8 classes/cycle, and their ability to host only 14 class sessions for the semester, beginning on April 6th. They also understand that we are in an unprecedented educational time and that HS students may have taken on additional responsibilities at home depending on each family’s circumstances. Note: when in doubt, communicate – communicate – communicate, but communicate!

• JCHS will not create a Final Exam Schedule for the last week of school. Each department, in conjunction with each teacher, will coordinate the Summative Assessment for each respective course.

• Classes which already provide a Pass (P) or Fail (F) for the grade will remain this way. Teacher Assistant classes will now join this group as well.

• JCHS will post letter grades at the conclusion of the semester. This is significant for our transcripts, future learning institutions and grade point averages. Monitor your grades closely during the next 2 months.

• Continuous learning ‘may’ extend over into summer months. Students have always had the ability to ‘recoup’ credit for up to 2 weeks after the semester, and our Personalized Learning students have experienced this same structure. We may see a need to extend this based on our current educational situation. On the reverse, some students may be able to complete all necessary assignments prior to our semester ending in May. If this is the case, students should work with their teachers to complete the work, have the grade(s) posted and move on to their next course or responsibility.

• Although attendance “in class” will not be taken by teachers each day, there is an expectation of participation on a regular basis. Examples may include actually participating in classroom live sessions during the regularly scheduled time, catching up on class content at night, collaborating with teams and on class discussion boards, and submitting assignments. If a staff member notices that a student is not participating regularly, their name will be submitted to an academy team collaboration form for follow up from that respective office. Parents/Families will be contacted. As a side note, social/emotional resources are also available for struggling students and families. Please reach out to your counselor for support in this area!