USD 475 Contractor Makes Face Shields for Essential Workers

Cenergistic is the company that assists USD 475 with its energy conservation efforts throughout its facilities.  David Wert is the Cenergistic contractor assigned to the district.  He usually spends his days, and nights, checking various settings in school buildings to ensure the district is conserving energy use any way that it can.  However, due to the recent school closures, David has been able to focus some of his time and energy on helping essential workers in Geary County, Fort Riley, and other hard-hit places throughout the country. 

David Wert has a 3D printer in his home, and he has decided to put his printer and his time to good use.  He wanted to use his skills and resources to help our community during these trying times.  He found some blueprints online for face shields and ear savers to use with face masks.  He has spent the last two weeks printing as many ear savers and face shields as he can.  He paid for the clear plastic for the face shields and the plastic for his 3D printer from his own pocket.

Ear Savers on the 3D Printer

David has been working with Dr Teran Noccarato and his wife Tiffany Noccarato, both local medical professionals, to ensure that the masks and ear savers go to the people in Geary County who need them most. It can take David almost 6 hours to print 3 face shields, and about 10 hours to print 18 ear savers.  So far, David has been able to produce 37 face shields and 108 ear savers.

Completed Face Shield

In addition to local health professionals, David has donated some of the supplies to MPs on Fort Riley, Pharmacy professionals at Irwin Army Community Hospital, and has also sent some to needed areas in Oklahoma and Connecticut.  David hasn’t let his philanthropic efforts deter him from his responsibilities to the district, though.  David participates in daily Operations updates with the district. He maintains and reports on building utility systems, temperatures, and humidity levels to ensure that all are operating properly and maintained at acceptable levels.

Ear Saver

David continues to print the devices as fast as he can and will keep making them as long as he can obtain the materials he needs to make them. He has also started to coordinate with David Wild, Chief Operations Officer for USD 475, to see if the district can use 3D printers at its schools to supplement his efforts.  The district is working to see how it can source the materials needed and coordinate with district personnel to assist in his efforts.

Photos courtesy of David Wert