Public Hearing for Costs of New JCHS


On 23 March the Board of Education approved a public hearing regarding construction of the new JCHS

The hearing is currently scheduled for April 21, 2020 The slides available here provide  information to the public regarding the full extent of possible project enhancements to be considered by the Board of Education.

The High School project now under construction is fully funded and functional. It can be opened in August 2021 without any further enhancements.

While no additional enhancements are necessary, community stakeholder may deem many desirable. The Public Hearing provides the community a means for furnishing the Board of Education feedback on possible project enhancements.

It is important for our stakeholders to understand that the Board will not consider enhancements without being able to identify necessary funding without need for the letting of additional bonds nor changing the District mill levy.

While the Board of Education highly values comments delivered in-person, the COVID-19 mitigation efforts may prevent in-person presentation on April 21st. Consequently, please consider emailing your constructive comment to no later that April 20, 2020. Comments will be reviewed, consolidated and forwarded to members of the Board of Education in a timely manner.

The breakdown of potential costs and additional projects under consideration can be found here: