More Graduation Celebrations at HD Karns

Bradley McInroy started this school year worried that he would graduate on time. He admits that he had fallen behind, and he didn’t think he was going to catch up.  Then, he heard about the program at HD Karns.  He met with Principal Tom Wesoloski to find out more about the program, and decided it sounded like the right place for him.  He even convinced his best friend, Logan, to give the program a try.

Bradley did very well at Karns.  It was a struggle to complete his classes and catch up to where he needed to be, though.  His father, a Sergeant Major in the US Army, was moved duty stations during this time, but Bradley’s mother and siblings stayed in Junction City to ensure Bradley was able to finish his work and graduate.

On Friday February 14th, Bradley graduated from HD Karns, 3 months earlier than his expected graduation date. HE credits his teachers at Karns for helping him get there.  “This program is amazing for people who struggle in normal classes.  The teachers here don’t give up on you,” he says.

Bradley says there is one teacher who went above and beyond for him.  “Mr. Stevens – I thank him for never giving up on me.”

Several teachers at Karns gave remarks at Bradley’s graduation ceremony.  One teacher remarked that everyone will miss Bradley’s infectious smile.  Dr. Dozier reminded him, “Pay attention to the little things.  They matter as much as the big things.” 

Bradley will spend the next year in Oklahoma, helping his grandmother and working to save up money for school.  “I want to be a mechanic,” he says.  “I want to rebuild a 1977 International Scout with my dad, and a Mustang with my mom.”

Bradley will return to Junction City in May, so that he can walk with the rest of his graduating class at Junction City High School. 

Congratulations Bradley!