USD 475 Incident Preparedness

USD 475 makes safety & security of students and staff a top priority. The district takes every measure to ensure that students and staff have a safe and secure learning environment.  There are several methods the district has used to help ensure that safety, including restricting access to school buildings during school hours and safety drills for different crisis scenarios.

Mr. Scott Clark, Director of Emergency Management, is a retired fire chief officer who has been with the district for five years. His experience as Director of a Regional HAZMAT effort makes him uniquely qualified in incident management operations. Scott spends his days conducting threat assessments and crisis drills for USD 475.  His job is to ensure that the district is ready to respond to almost any situation that may arise, and he takes that responsibility very seriously.

Mr. Clark helped introduce the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Escape) incident response program to the district during his first year. 1,400 district personnel recently completed annual training which ensured a third consecutive year of district ALICE certification. This is a nation-leading accomplishment.

With assistance from the Transportation Department, Clark recently provided classroom training to approximately 60 contract support bus drivers serving the district. Driver training focuses on an understanding of ALICE protocols with emphasis on a recently deployed training module for bus driver incident management.

“In all cases, our training emphasizes probabilities not necessarily possibilities. We have a collection of facts about crisis incidents to help us plan and prepare,” Clark said, while facilitating training.

Driver training provides practical solutions to incident management such as reminding drivers not to stop for someone trying to flag down a bus or swerving to prevent someone onboard from being able to stand upright and cause harm to other occupants.

Mrs. Kaye Fisher, USD 475 Transportation Coordinator, scheduled the training with Junction City Transportation Company and B&B Busing. Fisher explained, “We made it a part of the State required 10 annual safety training events for bus drivers.”

Both district transportation partners identified a handful of staff personnel to receive enhanced training. This “Train the Trainer” concept will allow for timely training of new bus drivers in the future. “Junction City Transportation Company recorded the training on video to be viewed later by drivers unable to attend this event,” she added.

The district, and its partners, will continue to make every effort to ensure the safety and security of all who enter its buildings.