BOE Meeting Notes from February 3, 2020

The Geary County USD 475 Board of Education help their monthly meeting on Monday, February 3rd, 2020.  Here are some of the notes from that meeting. 

USD 475 Receives Pacesetter Award

Since September of 2014, USD 475 has partnered with Cenergistic, to participate in their Energy Conservation Program.  They have worked together to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings in the district, and the savings have really added up.  Lynn Pace, Vice President of Client Development at Cenergistic, attended the meeting to present USD 475 with the Pacesetter Award.  The Pacesetter Award was given to congratulate USD 475 for being in the top 25% pf school districts when it comes to energy conservation.  Cenergistic presented this award to the district to recognize this considerable accomplishment, and to serve as a reminder to maintain our efforts.  Lynn also presented the Board with a certificate for more than $3,000,000 in energy cost savings.  USD 475 has saved that money on energy costs, and in turn, has been able to redirect those funds to directly benefit the education of our students. 

Change of Command

CSM Andrew T. Bristow II, of Fort Riley, has served as a liaison to the Board of Education for almost 3 years.  His tenure on the Board has recently come to an end, as he will be changing his duty station to Egypt in the coming months.  The Geary County USD 475 Board of Education presented CSM Bristow with a Service to the Board Award for his dedication, words of wisdom, guidance, and commitment to the success of our students.  CSM Bristow spoke about his time on the Board, saying, “It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Board.  I have learned a lot.” He continued, “If my daughter was still in school, I would want her to go to school here.”  He said of the Board members, “I know you are all dedicated and passionate about helping the children in this school district.”

CSM Timothy Speichert will be replacing CSM Bristow as the liaison, and will serve the Board alongside Col. Schrader, as a Fort Riley representative.  CSM Speichert attended this as his first meeting and looks forward to serving the Board and the communities of Fort Riley and Junction City. 

Associate Superintendent Lacee Sell

Lacee Sell has been acting as interim Associate Superintendent while USD 475 continues to interview and screen potential candidates for the permanent position.  Dr. Reginald Eggleston, Superintendent of USD 475, announced to the Board that the interview process has been completed, and Lacee Sell has been offered the permanent position.  Lacee has been a vital member of the DC team since she began in the interim role, and the district is confident that she is the right person for the job.  The Board congratulated Lacee and expressed their optimism at working with her moving forward. 

Summer Professional Development for Teachers

The Board reviewed the needs and costs of Professional Development for teachers over the summer months.  USD 475 is in the process of selecting a new reading program for the district, and once that program has been chosen, teachers will need to receive training on it.  In addition, the Board recently voted to adopt a Universal Screening Tool, which will also need training for staff.  Dr. Eggleston recommended that 302 staff be trained on the new reading program, at a rate of $25 per hour, for a total of $45,300.  He recommended that 60 staff were trained on the Universal Screening Tool, also at a rate of $25 per hour, for a total of $9,000.  However, he expects that the 60 staff trained on this tool will then return to their campuses and train the other teachers in their buildings on how to use it.  He also recommended that teachers participating in Summer School be paid a rate of $25 per hour, with a total amount to be determined later.  The Board voted unanimously to approve the costs. 

Summer School Plan for USD 475

USD 475 is making plans for Summer School classes, and the Board received a presentation from Associate Superintendent Lacee Sell about these plans.  Lacee gave the board a breakdown of the classes, courses, and programs that the district would like to offer for students during the summer school session.  The district plans to offer remedial courses, enrichment programs, early graduation programs, credit recuperation programs, and more.  The district has plans to offer summer courses for every age group of students.  The estimated cost of summer school for elementary students is $173,434.44, $32,024.38 for middle school students, and $59,538.53 for high school students.  The total estimated costs for all summer school courses will be $264,997.34.  The Board voted unanimously to approve the expense. 

The Board of Education will convene again on Monday February 17th, 2020 for a work session.