Sheridan Celebrates National School Choice Week

Traditional school settings are not always right for every student, and today, there are many more options for schools that parents can choose from.  Every child deserves a great education that fits his or her needs, which is why the option to choose is vital to ensuring future success for students.

National School Choice Week is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical, public awareness effort to inform families of their right to choose the type of schooling that may be best for their family.  Every January, National School Choice Week has the largest celebration of opportunity in education.  For one week in January, different types of schools in different areas are showcased to spread awareness of the choices available in educational opportunities.   

Mrs. Bogen, the Food Service Secretary at Sheridan, saw a flyer about this event, and sent in Sheridan’s name as a participant.  National School Choice Week sent Sheridan yellow scarves, one for every student and teacher at the school, so that the school could use them in showcasing what makes them unique. 

Dixie Coleman, principal at Sheridan Elementary, says that her school definitely stands out. “We are a warm, friendly, family environment, committed to high academic achievement.  The staff and students truly care for one another to celebrate each other’s successes.  We hold each other accountable for high expectations in behavior and achievement.”

To showcase their uniqueness, Sheridan staff and students decided to take a photo wearing their scarves and spelling out a phrase.  The phrase they chose is “Be Positive.”  The photo took coordination from community organizations, and shows what schools can accomplish when they have strong, positive relationships with their communities. 

National School Choice Week is January 27th – 31st.  To learn more about different types of schools and educational opportunities, visit