JCHS has Closed Campus for Lunch

rendering of the new junction city high school building.

The new Junction City High school is currently under construction and progress reports say that construction is ahead of schedule.  12,000 square feet of concrete has been poured, and passers-by will start to notice walls being constructed in the coming weeks. 

The new facility will bring some significant changes to campus life, especially for students.  For many years, students have enjoyed an open campus for lunch.  This meant that students were permitted to leave campus during their lunch period.  Many students used this opportunity to go home and eat, or to visit one of the local businesses nearby to purchase lunch. 

The location of the new JCHS will make it difficult for students to leave school, get lunch, and return before the lunch period is over.  The new campus does not have restaurants and businesses in close proximity, which means students would have to travel much farther for lunch.  Administrators and staff are already implementing a plan to address this issue. 

Students have returned from the holiday break to some new rules for lunch periods. 

Freshman students will not be allowed to leave campus during lunch, for any reason, except when signed out by a parent or guardian. 

10th, 11th, and 12th grade students may be allowed to leave campus for lunch, under certain conditions.  These students will be required to have a permission slip signed by a parent acknowledging that the parent is aware and gives permission for the student to leave campus during lunch period.  The student will also need to have a car or live within a mile of the campus.

JCHS is working to ensure that students will have everything that they need on campus for lunch.  The lunch menu is being expanded to include grab and go items like burritos, sandwiches, and salads. New tables have been added to ensure there is ample seating for all students.  Internet, music, TV’s, and microwave ovens are also being provided for the convenience of the students.

Students that obtain permission to leave campus will only be allowed to do so if they remain in good standing with the school, which includes consistent attendance throughout the day. 

David Wild, Chief Operations Officer for Geary County USD 475, worked with principals and staff to ensure the transition goes smoothly.  “Any number of reasons can be given for closing lunch at JCHS, the least of which is not student safety and security. With a 30-minute limit on available lunch time, releasing students to an open lunch is a condition ripe with potential risk for accident and injury. The District “Student First” priority includes an implied caregiver trust that we will set proper conditions for a safe and secure student environment,” he says.

Parents that wish to allow their child to leave campus for lunch will need to fill out a permission slip and have it filed in the student’s Academy Office.  Parents will only need to fill out the permission slip once, as it will remain in the student’s file for the entire duration that the student attends JCHS. 

Parents can contact their student’s Academy Office for more information.