New Gym at Westwood Nears Completion

Teachers and staff at Westwood got their first glimpse of the new gym today, which is set to open to everyone in early February.  The sounds and signs of construction have been abundant since the school year started, but no one was able to see the progress due to a walled barrier put in place for the protection of the staff and students.

Today, that barrier was removed, and in it’s place is now a strong set of doors.  This was a much-anticipated moment for the Westwood family, and most of the teachers were on hand for the first walkthrough of the addition.

Principal Dressman is ready to open the doors

The new gym is still under construction, but most of the major components of the addition are now in place.  In addition to the large gym, there is also a life skills room, which includes a washer, dryer, and oven, new bathrooms, a water bottle refilling station, large storage areas for the equipment, a stage for performances, and a new office for Coach Ryan. 

Teachers were excited about the new facilities that will soon be available.  Many discussed potential uses for the life skills room, like cooking and baking with students.  Teachers were very excited about having facilities for students closer to their classrooms, and the water bottle refilling station was one of the favorite features. 

Logan Sylvester, Superintendent with Hutton, says that crews will work through the Christmas holiday to take advantage of being able to access areas they need that are normally filled with students.  They are preparing the area to lay the new floors on the day that students return.  Logan says the expected completion date is February 10th, and he is confident that his crew will meet the deadline. 

School and district officials plan to have a ribbon cutting ceremony in mid-February to celebrate the completion of this project.  The Westwood family is very excited for the gym completion and look forward to celebrating this moment with members of the community.