Eisenhower Music Teacher Receives KMEA Honors

Eisenhower Honors

Kelly Ballard is the music teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School in Junction City.  She has been teaching music for 13 years, and 8 of those years have been in Geary County Schools.  Her passion for teaching expression through music is infectious, and it’s not just her students that notice. 

Kelly Ballard
Kelly Ballard
Music Teacher at Eisenhower Elementary

The Kansas Music Education Association (KMEA) has awarded Mrs. Ballard the North Central Music Educator’s Award this year.  The North Central district includes 17 counties, and Mrs. Ballard was chosen as the most dedicated of them all. 

Mrs. Ballard uses a variety of methods to teach musical expression to her students.  She believes in using a wide range of instruments and props to encourage students to find their own musical talent.  “Our voices are the best instruments we have.”

When asked what her favorite part of teaching music is, she replied, “I love the process of getting to the performance – from the introduction of the concept, to the practices, to the performance.  It is such a reward to see their smiles when they finally know they have got it.”

Mrs. Ballard plans to continue teaching music to the students of USD 475 for the foreseeable future.  “I love music and helping the students find their musical talent,” she says. The KMEA North Central District will hold their annual performance and meeting on February 1st at JCMS.  The performances from students in all 17 districts will begin at 1:30 pm, followed by the awards presentation.