Applying Successful Business Principles to USD 475 Schools

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Dr. Deb Gustafson is the Executive Director of Student Services at USD 475.  She has a long history with the district, as she used to be the principal at Ware Elementary.  Now, she spends her days (and often, her nights) finding ways to help students learn, thrive, and grow throughout the district. 

Deb Gustafsson
Dr. Deb Gustafson

Recently, Dr. Gustafson was interviewed by an organization that interviews many successful business leaders around the country.  Getting Unstuck is a podcast series devoted to sparking creativity and innovation with current and future business and community leaders.  Dr. Gustafson had the opportunity to talk with Jeff Ikler, from Quetico, about her philosophies on how to help our students do and be better. 

Dr. Gustafson’s first philosophy is to select teachers that care.  She believes that by selecting teachers with a passion to teach, she will create an environment of individuals that are invested in the success of the students.  Those teachers will then be more willing to work together to help improve student performance. 

Dr. Gustafson’s ultimate goal: help kids become the best people they can be. 

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Deb Gustafson’s philosophies on how to help our students become contributing, well-rounded citizens, you can read about her philosophies and listen to the podcast here: