USD 475 receives a check from Mahaska

USD 475 receives a check from Mahaska

Geary County USD 475 believes that community partnerships with local businesses and organizations are key to supporting our students.  Some of those partnerships can result in financial dividends for use by our students. 

Mahaska Check small
Assistant Superintendent Lacee Sell accepts a check from Mahaska representative.
From left to right – Marilee Fredricks, Lacee Sell, Sean Tubal and Kelly Caron

Mahaska is a regional food & beverage brand, manufacturing, and distribution company that was founded in 1889. It owns and operates multiple food & beverage franchises and Mahaska affiliates across independent brands, full-line vending, food service, logistics, trucking, and media.

Mahaska is the vendor that provides the snack and drink options in the vending machines at USD 475 schools.  However, you won’t see soda and candy in those machines – our students have healthier options to choose from. 

In addition to supplying the healthier options in the vending machines, Mahaska provides the district with a rebate from those machines twice a year, through the “Dew It For Your School” program.  This means that Mahaska takes a portion of the profits from those machines and gives it back to the district. 

USD 475 gives that rebate back to the students.  The money is divided among the district schools based on enrollment, and then it is designated solely for student benefit. 

This year, Mahaska rebates have provided the district with almost $20,000 to use towards student activities.  The district has received 2 rebate checks this year – the first for over $8,000 and the second for over $11,000.

These rebate funds can go towards things like field trips, end-of-the-year parties, additional equipment, and scholarships.  Each school has the option to decide which way to use the funds, but they are designated solely for the benefit of our students.

The administration at USD 475 expresses a heartfelt thanks to Mahaska for providing these funds.  We are grateful for loyal community partners that provide support for our students.