CMAR Leverage

JCHS Update

The Kansas legislature provided a valuable tool to its school Districts when establishing the Contract Manager at Risk (CMAR) program.

CMAR provides flexibility to allow bid extensions, split contract awards and other alternatives to the sealed or closed bid processes. USD 475 and its partners Hutton Construction & SJCF Architecture are making full use of CMAR to improve pricing for the Junction City High School project.

Hutton received the majority of proposals on Friday the 19th while working with extensions for electrical and mechanical scopes. Where it made sense, the project is split up to enable multiple awards to achieve cost efficiencies or allow for accelerated performance. 

“Price proposals received on July 19th reflect proposed prices for the JCHS ‘wish list’ and do not represent the final accepted price;” stated David Wild, USD 475 Chief Operations Officer.

During initial proposal reviews, Hutton was able to reduce the overall pricing by more than three percent within the first two days and expects more reductions to come.

Additionally, SJCF, Hutton and USD 475 started identifying Value Engineering opportunities in order to further reduce proposed prices.

”We’re at the high water mark with pricing and will start eliminating nice to have but unnecessary elements of the project until we reach an acceptable budget for Board presentation,” Wild added.

In related business, the Board of Education previously set aside additional monies to ensure it can provide the school expected by the community at a cost that ensures there will be no need to raise the District mil levy