USD 475 Closed February 20, 2019

USD 475 Logo on a blue abstract background.

JUNCTION CITY, KAN. – According to local weather experts and community partners, the Geary County Schools community is expected to receive heavy and potentially inclement winter weather. Due to this winter weather forecast, which will likely bring snow and a small amount of ice to our area, Geary County Schools USD 475 has spent considerable time monit0ring and evaluating the weather.

Out of an abundance of caution and with concern for students who walk, ride, or take a bus to school, USD 475 has made the decision to close school on February 20, 2019. This cancellation also includes activities and programs within the district (unless otherwise stated) and the workday for staff. Staff with additional questions should contact their supervisor.

In addition, tomorrow’s JCHS ACT has been postponed until April 2, 2019. 

This cancelation of school will cause the need to make up time throughout the year for some schools within USD 475. Time could be made up in a variety of ways to include adding a short amount of time to the school day. Notifications will be made to district families as soon as the logistical components are set in place.

The decision regarding cancellation is made by the Superintendent of Schools and/or her designees. The Superintendent uses community partners, Fort Riley, the National Weather Service, and the best information available at the time to make these decisions. The main focus of USD 475 is using available information to make a decision that best suits the safety of students and staff. Prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures coupled with potentially dangerous road conditions places students and staff at unnecessary risk.

When school is in session during inclement weather, the final decision of whether or not a child should attend school or stay at home is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Geary County Schools apologizes for any inconvenience this cancellation may cause and will make any updates necessary in the event new information is available.