March 2, 2018 – Junction City Middle School

Geary County Schools USD 475 has assessed the credibility of a potential threat by a student at the aforementioned school. Threat assessments are used by building and district staff to investigate the credibility of a potential threat of harm, violence, disturbance, or other emerging situation in USD 475.

The result of this assessment was that reckless comments made between two students caused fear in another student, disciplinary action was appropriate. This matter has been forwarded to the Junction City Police Department for review and potential investigation. Further inquiries related to any police investigation should be directed to the Junction City Police Department.

Geary County Schools holds the safety and security of our students and staff with high regard and remains devoted to maintaining a secure learning environment. Had this assessment revealed that the potential threat was credible, USD 475 would have notified parents and staff in a timely manner through the use of email, mobile app notification, or text message.