The New JCHS Update – January 9, 2018

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The New Junction City High School initiative currently has two processes occurring simultaneously.

During its regular meeting on January 8th, the Board granted approval to issue a public notice followed by issuance of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in late January. Firms interested in serving as the District Contract Manager At-Risk will be required to respond by mid-February. Three to five offerors will be approved by the BOE to submit a detailed proposal to be due in mid to late March with a CMAR selection announced by the BOE during its April meeting. State statute governs the CMAR evaluation criteria and includes experience, references, proposed project personnel, construction planning and services, safety plan and fee structure. The District will evaluate all criteria with the exception of fee which receives an independent review at the State level.

The District architectural firm is currently interviewing staff at the Junction City High School and will begin development of its schematic design tentatively scheduled to be completed in late April. A public viewing of this schematic will be made available in some fashion at a date to be determined. The BOE is scheduled to review and issues its approval to proceed with full design development which is scheduled to be completed in August. Construction documents are scheduled for completion in late winter 2019 with construction to commence in the early spring. Plans are for the District to move into its new high school facility in the summer of 2021.

From the Board of Education Meeting on January 8, 2018:

Public Notice – Construction Manager At-Risk

The Board voted on December 4th to retain a Construction Manager At-Risk for the purpose of providing all work associated for a new High School and Summer Work projects. The public notice was published in the Daily Union Newspaper December 7, 2017, informing anyone that wanted to make a public comment that they should be at the Devin Center on January 8, 2018, at 5:00 pm. Parties interested in commenting contacted the Clerk of the Board, Tina Kausler, prior to the January 8th, 2018 Board meeting. Each party will state their name and address and be limited to two minutes to present to the Board.

There was one person who did contact the Clerk of the Board, however, this person didn’t wish to speak in the public comment forum at the meeting Monday night.

Prior to the consent agenda Sarah Talley motioned to move two things from the consent agenda (Budget and Residency) and speak about them at the meeting. Dr. Miller moved these items for discussion. The consent agenda was approved.

Superintendent Certificate of Appreciation

Dr. Witt took time during the meeting to recognize the Say YES to JCHS Campaign for their assistance in educating the community about the JCHS Way Forward Bond issue. This effort showed great dedication to the community and Geary County Schools. Certificates were handed out to members of the Yes Campaign and the Board of Education made sure to show their appreciation as well.

Say YES Update

Terrah Stroda reviewed the steering committee recommendations to the Board during the meeting. She started by telling the Board how excited and passionate she and the rest of the campaigners were and how proud they still are to assist in educating future students in USD 475. She made sure to thank the people that were integral in the process inside and outside of the Yes Campaign. She ended with three requests 1.) use local money as much as you can 2.) use the community as a resource and remain transparent and finally 3.) make the new high school the castle it deserves to be and celebrate it.

District Investment Program

In its December 4th meeting, the BOE questioned the receipt of bond proceeds as exceeding the scope of the Request for Qualifications issued to industry. This RFQ resulted in an Agreement between the District and Sunflower Bank for the long-term investment of HIA and retention of BP for disbursement during design/construction of the new high school.

Board of Education has the ability to terminate its Agreement with a 60 day written notice. The BOE may realistically consider two options; 1) Retain current Agreement for services for both HIA & BP; or, 2) Issue a partial termination of BP from the current Agreement and re-compete. If the partial termination was chosen it could cause delay to the process.

Dr. Khoury made a motion to submit a new RFQ for the Bond proceeds and it was seconded by Talley. There was a vote to issue a partial termination which was approved in a 4-3 vote.

There was discussion by the Board and ultimately it was decided that the District should ask Sunflower Bank to invest the bond proceeds over the next 60 days so that the Board can decide where it should be placed for investment.

Publication of a 15 Day Notice of Intent to Issue a Request for Statement Qualifications (RFQ) for Construction Management At-Risk Services

Approve Publication of a 15 day Notice of Intent to Issue a Request for Statement Qualifications (RFQ) for Construction Management At-Risk Services. The RFQ shall not be issued to industry earlier than Monday, January 29, 2018.

“USD 475 intends to issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to interested General Contractors for Construction Manager At-Risk services for recently approved projects. These projects will include additions, renovations and improvements for Summer Work projects and a new High School. A formal RFQ will be available on January 29, 2018. Firms interested in receiving a copy of the RFQ shall submit a written request by the close of business on January 25, 2018 to David Wild, Chief Operations Officer, USD 475, 123 N. Eisenhower Dr, Junction City, KS 67441 or email to Responses to the RFQ will be due on or before February 12, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. to be eligible for further consideration.”

The Board of Education voted to publish the notice which will be placed on the district website and the Daily Union Newspaper.