Board Tours USD 475

Board Tour Bus

Geary County USD 475 Board of Education toured the district August 8, 2017. Their tour began at Junction City High School where they inspected the patch repair in the parking lot and learned more about the patch work on the roof (which continues to be an issue with heavy rain due to the age of the roof which is falling out of warranty). From there, the Board drove down the street to Westwood Elementary, looking at the new secured-entrance and playground.

The Board of Education then learned about summer work that was completed at the Mary E. Devin Center which included information on a new generator and IT upgrades that are improving upon the district support center. Eisenhower Elementary was next on the tour, where the gym and FEMA shelter is still under construction.

From there, the Board toured some of the Fort Riley schools, starting with Jefferson Elementary. There they received information on the new playground and inspected a district owned property to the west where a new site could be established with the partnership of the Department of Defense in the future should that be the direction the district wanted to goes years from now. The Board then moved to Morris Hill Elementary for the general inspection of the aging facility, particularly the brick and mortar.

At Ware Elementary, the Board of Education had the opportunity to explore the new Instructional Walls and view the new 75″ versus 70″ monitors. After the tour at Ware they returned to Junction City High School.